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ThE only CoursE oF ACtion lEFt to mE wAs to not...


IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO (OR CANNOT COMPLY WITH...The Software may be "in use" on only one ...action or conduct in violation of the foregoing ...

谢谢了!!! The user does not have the rights to perform this action!Please check the assignment of the current user of the user groups in Windows....


这个是struts2的BUG最新版已经修正了 只在DEBUG模式会有 不会有影响的

- Unable to configure as the server product in our catalog is not running...Action 21:29:16: INSTALL. 1: MySQL Server 5.7 2: {FB517CC7-2308-4...


给这个类加一个方法 @Override public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub }

你看看你的数据库连接有没有问题。 使用Windows身份验证”的方式是:

错误提示告诉你User类不是一个类型,他没办法找到User这个类! 所以你去检查一下你导入的类(是不是存在问题。

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